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Veolia SUPPLY-123 Consumer CFL Recycling Box Veolia SUPPLY-098 Small 4 Foot Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Box Veolia SUPPLY-043 Medium 4 Foot Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Box
Veolia SUPPLY-044 Medium 8 Foot Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Box Veolia SUPPLY-068 5 Gallon Mixed Lamp Recycling Box Veolia SUPPLY-192 Medium CFL Recycling Box
Veolia SUPPLY-065 Large 4 Foot Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Box Veolia SUPPLY-126 2 Foot Mixed Lamps Recycling Box Veolia SUPPLY-191 Large UTube & HID Recycling Box
Veolia SUPPLY-190 Large 8 Foot Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Box Veolia SUPPLY-144 Bulk Lamp Recycling Kit

The Easy Solution for Fluorescent Recycling

More and more people are jumping on the green bandwagon and recycling their used goods. What some may not realize is that recycling fluorescents is an option. At Energy Saving Lighting, we want to make it easy and safe for you to recycle your fluorescent bulbs, and we do so with Veolia recycling boxes. With low prices, you can afford various shaped boxes for fluorescent recycling. Perhaps the best part is that you simply order your boxes from us and just follow the instructions. Our box prices include all the prepaid costs for freight and processing. Simply fill it up and ship it out!

Everything You Need for Fluorescent Bulb Disposal

Veolia recycling boxes come with everything you need for proper fluorescent bulb disposal. This includes a 6 mil vapor barrier liner, the instructions, Velcro closures, liner ties, internal structural tubes, recycling certificates, proofs of purchase, and more. Take advantage of a good deal today and order over $75 worth of merchandise to receive FREE shipping. Contact Energy Saving Lighting today at 800.672.6868 to get started!