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L Connector For 1/2" Rope Lighting

  • Turn corners with precision using these "L" connectors for standard 2-wire rope lights.
  • These are perfect for making crisp 90 degree turns without causing damage to your rope lights.
  • Includes 1 rope light "L" connector with 2 power connectors
  • Use with 1/2" LED Rope Lights

Our Price: $10.13
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Standard LED T Connector For Rope Lights
  • LED rope light T connectors are ideal for splitting your LED rope light off into two separate directions 90 degrees from your incoming piece.
  • Includes 1 LED rope light T connector and 3 T power connectors for attaching your LED rope lights.

Our Price: $10.48
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Premium LED Clear End Cap with Shrink Tubing (3-pack)

  • LED Clear End Cap with Shrink Tubing (3-pack)
  • Use with 1/2" 2-Wire LED Rope Lights

Our Price: $11.18
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1/2" Rope Light End Caps (5 Pack)
Rope Light End Caps (5 pack)
  • Use with 1/2" 2-Wire Rope Lights to seal the end of your rope light sections.
  • When used with silicone waterproof sealant, these end caps will help to protect against moisture.

Our Price: $11.69
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Rope Light Suction Cup Mounting Clips (5 Pack)
Suction Cup Mounting Clips (5 pack)
  • Use with 1/2" 2-Wire Rope Lights
  • Hold your Rope Light up with these Suction Clips

Our Price: $11.69
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Standard LED 5' Extension (Female - Female)

Use female to female LED rope light extensions for spanning gaps between windows, passing through walls, or other spaces where you need standard power wire instead of rope lights, but still want to maintain your connection. Includes 1 female to female LED rope light extension cord and 2 compatible LED rope light power connectors.

Our Price: $12.23
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Standard LED Inline Splices (3 pack)
  • Splice together two different pieces of LED rope lights by using these LED rope light splices.
  • Also useful for replacing a section of LED rope light that has burned out.
  • Package includes 3 pieces.

Our Price: $12.48
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Universal All-In-One Mounting Clips (25 Pack)

  • Works on all types of roofing--Shakes, slate, or tile.
  • Works on gutters, "K" or "U" styles, aluminum, copper, or vinyl
  • Works safely on vinyl siding
  • Use with any size rope lights
  • Use with C-7,C-9, or LED string lights simultaneously
  • Use with mini lights or icicles
  • Can attach to chain link fence, decks, railing, and more!

Our Price: $12.48
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1/2" Rope Light Mounting Clips (50 Pack)

  • Mounting Clips (50 pack)
    • These clips are for use with 1/2" rope lights.
    • It is recommended that you secure your rope light every foot for straight linear applications.
    • Screws not included.

Our Price: $13.73
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1/2 LED Rope Lighting Invisible Splice Kit
  • Includes 2 male pins, 2 shrink sleeves, 2 PVC connectors
  • Use with 1/2" 2-Wire LED Rope Lights

Our Price: $15.48
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Rope Light Connectors & Couplings

Looking for LED rope light connectors or other accessories for your rope lights? From rope light mounting clips to standard T connectors, we offer all the rope light accessories you need to secure your rope lights both indoors and outdoors. Use our End Caps to seal each rope light connection and protect against moisture and other outdoor elements. Our “L” rope light connectors are perfect for use on corners and are guaranteed to help your lights make those sharp 90 degree turns without looking sloppy.

Find Everything You Need

We also provide convenient suction rope light mounting clips, which is one of the easiest and most secure ways to hold your rope lights up, particularly when coupled with a waterproof sealant. Browse our full array of rope light connectors and mounting clips to find the style that suits your needs. Order now for bargain prices on our top-notch rope light accessories!

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