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LED Troffer Lights for Office Space & More

Illuminate open areas with our selection of LED troffer lights! Designed for use in spaces like offices, schools and hospitals, troffer lights provide general ceiling lighting for larger interiors. Typically recessed into the ceiling, these troffers will keep your space lit and open without any excessive light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. We also stock several LED troffer retrofit styles that offer more design aesthetic than a standard troffer. The use of LED bulbs is meant to conserve energy, so these troffers are a great choice for areas or office spaces where lights are on for extended periods of time.

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Philips - EVOKIT2X2P32L30W835 - 506741 - 2 X 2 LED Layin Retrofit Evo Kit - 3200 Lumens - 30 Watt - 3500K Philips - EVOKIT2X2P32L28W840 - 506766 - 2 X 2 LED Layin Retrofit Evo Kit - 3200 Lumens - 28 Watt - 4000K Philips - EVOKIT2X4P42L36W840 - 507038 - 2 X 4 LED Layin Retrofit Evo Kit - 4200 Lumens - 36 Watt - 4000K
Philips - 4 Foot OWL Wraparound LED 37 Watt Linear Strip Fixture 4000K - OWL440L840-UNV-DIM

Find the Right Size

Before you buy, take care in measuring your existing ceiling space to make sure your brand new LED troffer is a perfect fit. Energy Saving Lighting stocks 2x2 LED troffers from Atlas, as well as 2x4 LED troffers from Phillips, so you can choose the size that’s right for your interior. Shop our online store today!

Have questions or concerns about the products that we offer here? Unsure how to install your new troffer? We have specialists standing by to help your with whatever you need.