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The Best Outdoor LED Bulbs

Outdoor LED lights can be the perfect solution for lighting up and decorating outdoor spaces, such as landscapes, driveways, decks, entranceways and more. Suitable for both commercial and residential properties, LED lights are available in so many different options. Top companies, such as Kichler Lighting, Kobi Electric and Philips manufacture an extensive range of high-quality outdoor LED bulbs that are long lasting and energy efficient.

Versatile Outdoor LED Lights

LED PAR38, LED PAR30 and LED PAR20 can be very versatile options for landscape lighting. With a beam angle of up to 40 degrees, these lights can cover a wide outdoor radius. The MR16 LED landscape lamps are available in 12 volts and in various beam angle choices of up to 60 degrees. The 2-watt S8 wedge outdoor bulbs offer a 360-degree beam angle. LED outdoor lights boast up to 30,000 hours of life, have cooler burning temperatures and use a fraction of the energy that typical bulbs use. Place an order for $75 or more today and get free shipping!