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WattStopper - BZ-50 - Universal Voltage - 120/277 -  Power Pack Lutron White Maestro® Occupancy/Vacancy 1-Pole Multi-Location Switch, 600W Max Capacity WattStopper - WS-250-I - Ivory Passive Infared Wall Switch Sensor
WattStopper - WS-250-W - White Passive Infared Wall Switch Sensor WattStopper - PW-100-W - PW-100 Series Passive Infared Wall Switch Sensor WattStopper - CI-305-1 - White CI-305 Series - Passive Infrared Ceiling Sensor
WattStopper - PW-200-W -  Passive Infrared Wall Switch Sensor With Dual Relay Sensors WattStopper - UW-100-W - White Ultrasonic Wall Switch Sensor WattStopper - DW-100-W - White Infared & Ultrasonic Wall Switch Sensor
WattStopper - UT-305-2 - White Ultrasonic Ceiling Sensor - 1000 Square Feet WattStopper - UT-305-1 - White Ultrasonic Ceiling Sensor - 500 Square Foot WattStopper - DT-305 - White Ultrasonic and Infrared Ceiling Sensor
WattStopper - DW-103-W - White Infared & Ultrasonic Wall Switch Sensor WattStopper - UT-355-2 - White Ultrasonic Line Voltage Ceiling Sensor - 2000 Square Foot WattStopper - DT-355 - White Ultrasonic and Infrared Line Voltage Ceiling Sensor

Save Energy with Lutron Occupancy Sensors

When it comes to saving money with more efficient light, we at Energy Saving Lighting are your go-to experts. One of the most efficient systems you can install in commercial buildings or private residences includes infrared lighting sensors and dimmer switches. These indoor motion sensor lights detect the presence or absence of people in a room and then the device turns the lights on or off automatically.

Wireless Lighting Control: Efficiency and Quality Combined

We offer three main categories of lighting sensors. They are:

  1. WattStopper Ceiling Sensors – located on the ceiling for maximum room coverage
  2. Maestro Wireless Local Controls – provide superior dimming control and an occupant sensor for easy energy savings
  3. Maestro and WattStopper Wall switch sensors – work with existing wall modules to automatically detect when occupants have left the room

To learn more about how these devices can save you money on your energy bill, call us at 1-800-672-6868, or shop today to take advantage of our free shipping offer on all orders of $75 or more!