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Eiko - 00031 - SP13/27K - 13 Watt Compact Fluorescent Spiral 2700K - Warm White Eiko - 00033 - SP13/41K - 13 Watt Compact Fluorescent - Spiral 4100K - Cool White Eiko - 49326 - SP23/41K - 23 Watt Compact Fluorescent Spiral 4100K - Cool White
Eiko - 49325 - SP23/27K - 23 Watt Compact Fluorescent Spiral 2700K - Warm White

Enjoy Long-Term Savings with Spiral Light Bulbs

Spiral fluorescent light bulbs offer more lighting than traditional CFL lamps. They also enjoy a long lifespan that roughly equates to 10,000 hours. The energy savings can be substantial, and some bulbs may save up to 75 percent over other, less efficient bulbs. In high-volume facilities, the electricity savings can be meaningful for the bottom line, making it a smart choice to switch to energy efficient lighting. The medium base bulbs can effortlessly retrofit most ceiling fixtures found in residential facilities as well as commercial properties.

Switch to Efficient Lighting Today

Spiral light bulbs are a popular option for promoting energy efficiency. These bulbs are designed to fit into any standard socket with a medium base type for maximum compatibility. Switching to an eco-friendly and sustainable energy source is easy with any model of spiral CFL bulbs. The spiral shape enjoys high popularity because of its aesthetic appeal as well as its functionality. They are now widely used in retail stores, restaurants, commercial and residential properties. These bulbs represent an improvement over previous generations of bulbs because they are designed to produce energy equal to a 100 watt incandescent bulb without consuming as much power.